NodeDAO Beta Test Campaign: Up to $10,000 Worth NDE Airdrop


  • Everything in the Open Beta version will be in Testnet that means all assets such as tokens are not be transferable to the Mainnet version.

Details of NodeDAO Beta Test Campaign

Ranking according to the test yield, the top 30 will share the prize pool. The more active users join Beta tests, the more prizes in Pool reward will be given.

Date: July 3 to July 24, 2022(3 weeks)

Prize Pool

The more active users join Beta tests, the more prizes in Pool reward will be given.

  • Less than 200 users, the prize pool is $3,000 worth of NED
  • Over 200 users, the prize pool is $5,000 worth of NED
  • Over 500 users, the prize pool is $10,000U worth of NED

Test Yield Ranking and NED Rewards

1st-3rd place, equal share 30% of the prize pool
4th-10th place, equal share 25% of the prize pool
11th-20th place,equal share 25% of the prize pool
21st-30th place, equal share 20% of the prize pool

Earliest-stage Private Placement Quota

To help our development team continuously improve the user experience based on users’ feedback. Participants of the test will receive an additional bonus by filling in a feedback form based on their experience using the NodeDAO.

We will comprehensively evaluate users’ test yield ranking and experience feedback content to offer outstanding community contributors for earliest-stage private placement quota. If the number of participants in the test is less than 200, the quota reward will be cancelled.

Other key details:

(Note: the feedback form can only be submitted once. Be sure to test the products extensively before submitting your responses)

  • Winners list: To be announced within 7-days after the campaign
  • Reward Timeline: The NED token rewards will be able to be claimed after the Mainnet version goes live(expected to be lateAugust/early September 2022).

How to prepare in Beta Test

Beta Test Link:

✅ Step 1: Add Binance Smart Chain Testnet in Metamask

Connect MetaMask to BSC Testnet

Now that your wallet is setup, we need to configure it to connect to Binance Smart Chain, this is easy to do and easy to change between networks using the button near the top of the website

Click on “Custom RPC” if you have not previously added the BSC Testnet information

Enter in the BSC Testnet details as follows in custom RPC:

Network Name: BSC Testnet


ChainID: 97

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

if you got slow response on BSC testnet, please change RPC

✅ Step 2: Get token for using in Testnet:

Get BNB:

✅ Step 3: Add and Get Testnet contract Token:

You will need to add contract address of the token then they will pop up in your Metamask.

USDT: 0x21007fbfe34972C9B968a4AB1AB94AfdE9170244
NED: 0xE65aa622986A541c156c1eE1e095AF9510A9cbd7

Get USDT and NED:

Swap BNB to USDT, Swap BUSD to USDT

✅ Step 4: Test NodeDAO

After getting BNB, NED and BUSD, go to NodeDAO Beta website and connect your BSC testnet wallet.

You need to complete the test for each insurance product on the “Treasury” “Price I/P” “Contract I/P” page and get a good yield.

For detailed product descriptions and operating guidelin, please view:



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